Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three Charlies and an Angel

(Eric, Raquel, Julie, Jim, Matt's Brother, Matt, Cannon)

If you can't actually be in the water with sharks, then the next best thing is to share shark stories all night long with others who have as much of a passion for sharks as much as you do!

Today, I headed to West Palm Beach for an amazing opportunity: I got to hang out with three of my favorite people – and three hot shark studs. A photographer, a shark diver (and photographer), and a scientist…

Eric Cheng is one of the most talented underwater photographers I know. Just check out Wet Pixel and quite certainly you will agree. And he is humble, kind and the type of guy you just want to be around. I met him during the Shark Angels project and we have been friends ever since.

Matt Potenski is a whale shark researcher who spends half his year in Tanzania satellite tagging whale sharks. He is working with Ecocean to ID the sharks and also creating a program for the locals to get involved in the identification of the sharks. The other half of the year he works with Doc Gruber… well, that was until he retired.

And Jim Abernethy is a dear friend and someone I have a deep, deep admiration for. I have gone on the record many, many times ranting about Jimmy, so you can just google it instead of me going on and on. But, suffice it to say he is one of the most passionate sharkies I know…

We spent an evening catching each other up and sharing shark tales… And this angel got to spend a night with three of her “charlies”.

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