Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I barely escaped alive...

(Photo by Jim Abernethy.)

I had a terrifying experience today. I was stalked, terrorized and even had to fight off a vicious attack. My heart raced as I narrowly escaped the predator – barely making it away unscathed. Others, I knew, hadn’t been so lucky.

I spent the day diving with sharks. Caribbean Reef Sharks to be exact.

But it wasn’t while I found myself surrounded a dozen sharks quickly darting around me from all directions coming close enough to brush my fins. Hardly. Sharks are not viciously cunning, nor do they prey on humans.

No, after being in the water with what are considered “man-eaters”, I found myself scared of a bird.

Not just any bird – a parrot named Zoe Bird. A mean parrot who has a chip on her shoulders – and just plain doesn’t like anyone other than her Dad. Upon entering the empty house of my host, Jim’s voice rung out in my ears “If Zoe Bird let herself out of the cage, DO NOT go in. She will attack you.” Much to my dismay, not only had she slyly let herself out of the cage (and barely left the door open, tricking me into believing she was still in the cage), she was quietly awaiting my arrival in the guest bedroom.

Squaking, feathers flying and lunging at me with a very, very sharp beak, I was driven from the house in a panic, happy to have gotten outside without Zoe Bird drawing any blood.

Funny. Most people would think diving with sharks is the dangerous situation. In fact, house pets are far more threatening.

(Photo by Jim Abernethy.)

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