Friday, May 16, 2008

Follow your passion... The journey begins

I have finally taken the big step. Always dreaming of it - but never really thinking it could possibly ever become a reality. Caught up, I guess, in what most of us believe defines success - and the socially acceptable way to act. Achieve success at all costs. Climb the corporate ladder. Buy a great house and a fabulous car. Build a huge bank account. Yes, I have done all of that. I owned my own successful multi-million dollar business, I had the Porsche and the house in the city I designed with an architect, I had amazing titles and incredibly successful clients, I traveled the world. But now I have finally done something I am truly proud of. Something that despite all I have been taught, that surprisingly, gives me an amazing sense of achievement and hope. I QUIT MY JOB TO FOLLOW MY PASSION.

And, not just any passion. A passion for sharks. Sharks - the world's most mi
sunderstood creature, and probably one of the most threatened - have stolen my heart, my mind, my soul...

Yes, at this point, you are probably saying I am crazy... Most do. Even me sometimes. But, somehow, I found the strength to let go and do what I am absolutely, insanely passionate about. To let the universe take care of me, because I am doing what I feel I was meant to do. Not a crystal-worshiping, granola-munching, yoga-practicing "hippie", this is COMPLETELY counter-intuitive to anything I know or believe. But, for the first time, I am happy to the core.

(Amazing photo from Aliwal Shoals, South Africa. Taken by my friend and photographer extraordinaire Roger Horrocks.)

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Lani said...

I just found your blog via facebook :) I'm going to add you to my site's blogroll. Keep posting! Your are inspiring :)