Monday, May 19, 2008

Shark Girls Go Wild in NYC!

(Persia White, me, Ashley Lou Smith, and Claudette Cassanovas at Karen Dawn's book party.)

Another fantastic evening at the launch party for Karen Dawn’s book, Thanking the Monkey, and new friendships are born.

Out again with Paul Watson and his girlfriend Claudette. This time, it was to attend our friend, Karen Dawn’s, book launch for her book dedicated to protecting those creatures on this planet that have no voice.

An incredible party filled with incredible people. A real a-list who's who of the animal rights world. Even cooler, there is nothing more invigorating than being around like-minded people who are fabulously – and wonderfully committed to saving our planet and all its inhabitants.

I was Shark Girl all night long. In a room filled with animal rights activists, being a Shark Girl is something captivatingly interesting – and compelling. It was such a wonderfully affirming evening. I walked away really feeling like the crazy decision I had made with my life wasn't so crazy.

At some point, a new plan was hatched. Persia White, Ashley Lou Smith, Rory Freedman, (three girls I am absolutely crazy about) and I would join Paul on his boat in Galapagos. All of them are desperate to dive with sharks. Well, that is after I convinced them they could do it with me leading the charge. I simply cannot help myself – I want everyone to experience sharks the way I have.

And, I think they would make absolutely incredible angels. So do they! Think Girls Gone Wild and Sea Hunter combined. No really. Sex sells… and so do sharks. And these girls are wiiild... I just saw a picture of Ashley showering in Times Square. Wow. So, let’s shock the world a bit by putting some wonderfully inspiring, intelligent and captivating (oh and also, did I mention hot) chicks in the water with the world’s most feared sharks… This Shark Angel will induct a whole new graduating class. Guaranteed to draw an audience, and once we have hooked them in, well then, we can open them up to the real message.

Stay tuned for this one. It promises to be hot! (Channeling Paris. Ok, so I am not above using a little shameless media to our benefit and cause instead of theirs. And, it is about time it was something other than shark porn.)(Persia, Claudette and I after dinner. Photo by Paul Watson.)

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