Monday, April 28, 2008

A shark angel's bio

This is really all about the sharks, but a few folks have asked for my "business" bio, so here it is...

I have always been a passionate environmentalist, diver and lover of the oceans, with a special relationship to sharks. An avid diver for the past 14 years, I have logged more than 300 hours in the water with many different shark species in many different habitats. In that time, I personally witnessed the devastation of the animal I cherish, and so I have committed myself to the protection of sharks. I founded Shark Savers, a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of sharks through awareness, education and action, with five other passionate shark saviors a year and a half ago.

(The Savers, less one, at the Celebrate Asia fair.)

In addition to co-founding Shark Savers, I founded SharkAngel Productions, to use the power of social and visual media - leveraging it to do good (rather than the usual harm) for a much mal-aligned species. I have written, produced, and directed several efforts geared around this cause, working with several global media outlets in the process. And to support these efforts, ensuring greatest possible impact, I have also designed and launched several community-based social networking and viral marketing strategies that leverage the latest technologies. I also work for the award-winning documentary, Sharkwater, spearheading outreach and marketing initiatives.

(Rob Stewart, Captain Paul Watson and I celebrate Shrkwater's win at the Genesis awards.)

And, I am a Shark Angel – one of three shark conservationist women in the world that are leading a movement to build awareness, take down the forces threatening sharks, and save these magnificent creatures.

(The Shark Angels... a team born in passion.)

A lifelong entrepreneur, I am channeling over 14 years of professional experience in advertising, business strategy, marketing, public relations, web technologies, and business development, into a mission to save the oceans, starting with sharks. Having built several businesses from the ground up, with upwards of 40 employees and $7 million in yearly revenue in a few years time, I tend to bring a unique perspective and deep experience to the cause. In fact, I have developed strategies and managed multi-million dollar marketing initiatives for clients that include AOL, Porsche, Citibank, Volkswagen, Chase, and Mercedes-Benz, and now, apply that expertise to the business of saving the creatures that desperately need our help. In doing so, I think I have probably taken on the hardest PR job on the planet.

(Working on the sharks' bad rap with the Shark Week team!)

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