Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving on... But not going quiet

It has been a hectic year indeed! Fin Free, the campaign, launched, Shark Angels has taken flight in a big way with thousands of angels around the world, I became a face for ScubaPro, and I started United Conservationists with Rob Stewart, award winning director of Sharkwater! Phew.

As Executive Director for both United Conservationists and Shark Angels, and of course my roles in both Built By Wildman and Diatribe Pictures, creating disruptive media for good in all forms, in addition to all the campaigns and productions we are working on, I simply can't keep up posting across so many different places. Want to hear from me? Read what I have been up to? See my latest pics or videos? Catch me on another medium!

You can always read old stories here, but new stories are being posted on Shark Angels & United Conservationists.

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