Saturday, November 1, 2008

The War over Whales

Finally the long awaited show featuring last year’s Sea Shepherd whaling campaign (Operation Migaloo) is being released on Animal Planet. Shark Angel Kim is one of the key characters and I can’t wait to see her in action on the high seas.

The campaign was an exciting one, with hostages being taken, Paul getting shot and one of the Zodiac’s tipping over into the frigid waters. I am sure the seven part series will be a huge success. Think “Deadliest Catch” without all of the needless aquatic carnage – instead of featuring boats raping the seas, Discovery is following a group that is actually protecting it.

And we got to go to the premier! It was so great to see all the Sea Shepherds getting some highly-deserved accolades for the incredibly dangerous but incredibly important work they do.

Be sure to watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet. I am gutted that it isn’t in South Africa yet, but I already have my order in for the DVD box set.

Check out Whale Wars here…

More pics here.

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