Monday, September 1, 2008

Making Friends in Sodwana

Paul just sent me a highlights reel from our trip to Sodwana filming for the Underwater Channel (which coincidentally launched today). It features me basically getting mauled by quite a few different creatures on my search to find a whale shark.... Not only is it quite amusing, it is a proud moment for my parents. Dad, my certifying instructor who taught me to be such a responsible diver, gets to watch me literally run out of air and Mom, my staunch conservationist mother who taught me to respect animals, can be horrified to see me feeding the wild life. (We have HEATED family debates regarding baiting and chumming over dinners, you can be certain.)

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Wolf Leander said...

Fabulous shots! Especially the ones with the moray eels... I have never seen eels so pissed, or should I say: agitated? Whatever - strong characters, unusual images. Well done!

Julie - why don't you freedive? You couda done it easily with all these cute creatures.